XnTREE’s goals are to support start-ups and scale-ups by directly providing them access to the market through the Tech Sandbox programme.

Benefits of participating in our programme

With its network including UCL, Level 39, and a number of financial services companies and governmental organisations, XnTREE guides start-ups to diversify their market penetration strategies to reach customers in various fields – education, healthcare, mobility, energy, and more.

No up-front equity cost

No up-front equity cost for a start-up with a “cutting-edge technology or “idea” that is executable

Bespoke curriculum

Bespoke curriculum to help a company expand and test-out its technology or idea


Assist in market entry strategy creation including customer acquisition, capital raising and strategic partnership creation

Create execution plans

Help a company in establishing its business and for the business to become successful as we create the master and execution plans for a Smart City

Go-East and Go-West programmes

XnTREE brings exponential growth for tech ventures through its unique Go-West and Go-East programmes. These provide an opportunity for companies within the field of FinTech, Data Analytics, Healthcare, Blockchain, Mobility, Proptech, AI & Machine Learning, Energy, Deep Tech and Cyber Security sectors to collaborate with private sectors and governments in curating advanced technologies in London, New York, Seoul, Singapore and Hanoi.

The Tech Sandbox runs alongside the two programmes and aids to provide a testing environment for products, services and respective local regulations. It supports companies to reduce time-to-market, identify appropriate consumer protection safeguards to build into the products, and to provide a platform to showcase its products.

Tech Sandbox

The Start-up Accelerating Programme consists of four main stages: entrepreneurship training, seed stage, R&D and IP stage, and scale-up stage. The completion time for each stage is estimated to be around 1 year.

XnTREE Startup Accelerating Programme
Ecosystem of XnTREE Tech Sandbox
Public Sector

Department of International Trade (British Government)
London & Partners (UK)
Greater London Authroity (UK)
New York City Government (USA)
Ministry of Construction (Vietnam)
Hanoi City Government (Vietnam)
Hoan Kiem District Government
Lviv City Council (Ukraine)
Kyiv City Council (Ukraine)
Ukraine Government
Amsterdam City Government (Netherlands)
Curitiba City Government (Brazil)


Hong Kong
South Korea


ARK-i Labs (USA)
VCs (UK, USA, Singapore)
Angel Networks

Accelerators & Mentors

Level39 (UK)
Urban Tech Hub (USA)

IP Vault + R&D

University of Cambridge (UK)
University College of London (UK)
Kyiv Institute of Technology (Ukraine)
Seoul National University (Korea)