Level39 is the world’s most connected tech community, consisting of 1,250 leaders in Fintech, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Proptech, Cyber Security, AI, and Retail tech. As a member of Level 39, XnTREE is the leading global tech accelerator running smart city tech sandboxes in Level39. Since inception, XnTREE has been leading the frontier bringing exponential growth for tech ventures through its Go-West and Go-East programmes, which have shown successful results throughout the world. Many of these companies have been able to find a home within Level 39 and also receive support from Level 39’s platform.
Below are select successful companies that grew to be Unicorn companies from Level 39’s platform.


In 5 years they turned their £100,000 into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise.


Transferwise – Started back in 2011 and moved to Level39 in 2013 which aided them in becoming the $3.5 billion company.


Level39 hasn’t shied away from supporting innovative initiatives either. They have taken part in different projects including Cognicity which was a big investment in Fintech back in 2015 as well as The Coffee House (TCH) Project.