Who we are

XnTREE was founded in 2016 by partners and executives of ENTIQ, an in-house accelerator within Level 39 based in London. Based in the UK, it is a tech accelerator that has been successful in running cohort programmes for 300 start-ups at Level 39, where more than 10 companies have became unicorn startups. Recently, XnTREE has put its efforts into expanding the program that it created within Level 39 and Cognicity (Smart City Challenge programme in London) in Asia.

Since its incorporation, XnTREE has been fully dedicated to smart city master planning by creating a ‘Smart City Consortium’ for central governments and municipalities, in addition to recently playing a vital role in operating “Smart City Tech Sandboxes”, created by ARK-i Labs.

In 2019, XnTREE expanded its global footprint with the opening of an office in New York, USA, in addition to its offices in London, UK and Seoul, Korea.

Jaewon Peter Chun

Founder, CEO

Jaewon Peter Chun is the founder & CEO of XnTREE and has been working in Smart City planning and accelerator development since 2013. He has been involved in creating the London Cognicity Challenge Programme (a smart city challenge program in Canary Wharf, London) in 2015. He also served as Master Planner of the National Smart City Project in South Korea in 2018.

Mr. Chun is currently working on the master plan for Smart City Initiatives in Hanoi, Vietnam and Lviv, Ukraine as a master planner and investor.

Our organization
  • ARK-i

A New York-based smart city company focused on raising capital from the private sector.

A non-profit organisation, helping to solve global and urban challenges.

Our business areas
Tech Sandbox

XnTREE operates XnTREE Tech Sandbox (XTX) that fosters 200+ start-ups/tech SMEs annually and also invests in 20 – 25% of these companies through a Global Startup Seed Fund.

Technology Transfer

XnTREE manages the application of commercialization promgrammes, IP investment, technology transfer and all aspects related to technology within a Smart City; BM and solution validation industries including Waste Management, Smart Energy, Blockchain, Fintech, Smart city solution, Smart Mobility, AI, Renewable energy, IoT, Cyber Security and other core industries.

Our offices

We have offices in London and New York, where we work alongside many start-ups and government organizations.

Level39, London


One Canada Square, Canary Wharf London E14 5AB UK

Urban Tech Hub, New York


4th Floor 335 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10017 USA

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