XnTREE aims to support start-ups and scale-ups by directly providing them with access to the market through the Tech Sandbox programme. Every business requires access to capital, but it may be more challenging for start-ups as there are often numerous policies such as an excess amount of participation equity that restrict fluid progress.


Through our wide network includes UCL, Level 39, financial services companies and government organisations, XnTREE guides start-ups within the Tech Sandbox to diversify their market penetration strategies to reach customers in various fields – education, healthcare, mobility, energy, and more.

Our Membership

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XnTREE Tech Sandbox (XTX) – Green/Blue/Orange

The XnTREE Tech Sandbox (XTX) recruits companies all year round while the while the Smart City Tech Sandbox (STS) recruits companies during a dedicated period right before the launch of XnTREE consortium’s Smart City Master Planning initiatives.
XnTREE Tech Sandbox (XTX) is a tech accelerator platform that discovers and nurtures startups to connect to global market entry or investment. Green, Blue and Orange memberships belong to XTX.

Smart City Tech Sandbox(STS)

The Smart City Tech Sandbox (STS) model is a smart city open tech cluster that allows at least 25% of the cost of all smart city projects to go directly to competitive SMEs or start-ups. As there is a need for smart cities to focus on various ideas technologies such as software, hardware, and contents, we believe that it is important to exclude existing bidding methods and select operators through an open competition system.
There are two ways to join the STS:


Having had obtained any type of membership in Tech Sandbox and directly applying for STS.


Invitation by XnTREE through tech demo days.

STS Membership requires an annual fee of $80,000 and includes accessibility to information in Green, Blue, and Orange Membership (full cover of Tech Sandbox programmes) as well as qualification to directly participate in smart city projects.


Through the successful completion of the cohort program, companies will be selected and awarded funds to further develop the technology and idea as well as the opportunity to receive seed investment from a fund created by ARK-i Labs or be provided with opportunity to access strategic and financial investors.
In addition, each selected company will be given the opportunity to showcase their technology or ideas when the smart city plans are rolled out, as well as gaining access to different markets.

Hanoi Smart City Project / Hanoi Smart City Tech Sandbox

Currently we are recruiting members for the Hanoi Smart City Tech Sandbox. The Hanoi Smart City is a pilot project with a total budget of aCp-proximately $1billion, and is structured as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model in which government, private financial institutions, impact and infrastructure funds are participating. Unlike a typical bidding system, this project will use an open innovation competition format providing an equal opportunity to all companies and organizations interested.
ARK-i Labs will be responsible for scouting and inviting companies globally to be part of the tech sandbox, but XnTREE will be operating the Tech Sandbox comprised of a mix of start-ups and SMEs by creating a 12-15 month cohort program (July 2020 – October 2021).



July 2020

Mandate Agreement (Hanoi &WSCF Consortium) and Media release.


July 2020 ~ Feb 2021

Establishment of Basic Master Plan Building up the governance structure.


Nov 2020 ~ Oct 2021

Preparing for SPC for Hanoi (Hoan Kiem District) Smart City and initiate Hanoi Smart City Tech Sandbox Cohort #1 (200 tech startups will be invited).


Mar 2021 ~ Oct 2021

Hanoi Smart City Implementation Master Plan (5~7 month) and finalize the smart city themes and RFPs.


July 2021

Initiate Smart City Vietnam Steering Council (SCV) in central government and Smart City Working Group(WG) to launch national Smart City Initiative.


Oct ~ Dec 2021

Conduct each project and get final approval from Smart City Council. SPC’s scale-up investment for companies (top 25%) selected from Smart City Tech Sandbox.


Nov 2021 ~ Oct 2022

2nd Phase of Smart City begins and Initiate the 2nd Cohort program for Smart City Tech Sandbox (200 tech startups will be invited).


Nov 2022 ~ Oct 2023

Hanoi Smart City 3rd Phase 3rd Cohort program of Smart City Tech Sandbox.



Evaluation and expansion to other cities in Vietnam.

We have started to receive applications for companies to become members of the Tech Sandbox and are working with our partners in putting together a cohort program curriculum that is most suited for the Hanoi Smart City Tech Sandbox.
For more details or to apply to be considered as a member of the tech sandbox, please, click here.

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XnTREE currently also has plans to operate a Smart City Tech Sandbox that will be connected to around 10 smart city projects which include London(UK), New York (USA), Maryland (USA), Netherlands, Curitiba(Brazil), Paris(France), Oslo(Norway), Lagos(Nigeria), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Doha(Qatar), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Tel Aviv (Israel), and Istanbul (Turkey).
The directions, missions, and visions of these cities’ smart city master plans may be different, but building an innovation ecosystem through the Smart City Tech Sandbox is a common denominator.


If you want to receive updates on these projects, please email us.